• Hydraulic cutting tool

    HT-TC051Y, for copper, aluminum, aluminumsteel cables.

  • Cutting tool

    HT-TC026Y, for copper, aldrey, al., al.-steel, stay wire and steel ropes.

  • Cutting tool

    HT-TC041N. Hydraulic cutting tool for copper, al. ect.

  • Cutting tool

    HT-TFC, hydraulic cutting tool.

  • Hydraulic cutting tool

    HT-TFC. Hydraulic cutting tool.

  • Hydraulic head

    RHTEP, hydraulic head which must be connected to pump.

  • Hydraulic cutting head

    TC025. Working pressure max. 700 bar.

  • Hydraulic cutting tool

    TC0851. Copper, al. and tele-cables.

  • Cutting head

    TC04N. Working pressure on max. 700 bar.

  • Single blade tool

    B-TD270.  For splitting fastening bushes.

  • Cable cutter

    BT-C500Y. For copper, alu. , alu/steell, max dia. 50mm.

  • Hydraulic cable cutter

    B35M-TFC, with interchangeable dies.

  • Rig’n Roll

    Cable pulling tool for cable bridge.

  • Cable cutters

    Mechanical cutters.

  • Cable tools

    Semicon slicer, removal tool, cable knife and twister.

  • Stripping tool

    HB6. Stripping tool for insulated cables.

  • Hydraulic cutting units

    Insulated cutting units for Cu- and Al- cable.

  • Hydraulic cutting tools

    Hydraulic cutting tools for steel and aluminium.

  • Hydraulic cable cutter

    Cable cutter for bronze, copper and aliminium.

  • Hydraulic cable cutter

    Specifically designed to cut Copper, aldrey, Aluminium, Aluminium-Steel cables and Steel ropes.

  • Hydraulic cable cutter

    Specifically designed to cut Copper, Aluminium, Aluminum-Steel cables (ACSR), 50mm.

  • Bag kit CTSB1-1

    Tool bag CTSB-1 equipped with a selection of tools.

  • Bag kit CTSB1-3

    Tool bag CTSB-1 equipped with a selection of tools.

  • Case kit VAL GPTA-1

    Suitcase VAL GPTA equipped with a selection of tools.

  • Bag kit VAL GPTA-2

    Suitcase VAL GPTA equipped with a selection of tools.

  • Stripping tools

    Stripping tools for cable jackets/insulation.

  • Professional scissors

    Lightweight, robust and safe.

  • Crimping tool

    HT51. Hand operated hydraulic tool, 50kN, Cu 10-240mm2.

  • Cleaning products

    HP-cleaning products for cable.

  • HHS 2000

    High compressure resistant, adhesive lubricant for installation of stainless steel bolts A4/A2.

  • Crimping head

    RHU131-C. Hydraulic crimping head, up to 300(400) mm2 Cu and Al.

  • Crimping head

    ECW-H3D. Hydraulic crimping head, up to 630 mm2 Cu.

  • Crimping head

    RHU520. Hydraulic crimping head, up to 1200mm2.

  • Crimping tools

    HN1, HN5, HN-D25 and HN-A25. Mechanical crimping tools.

  • Mechanical crimping tool

    TND 6-70. Mechanical crimping tool.

  • Crimping tool

    TN70SE & TN120SE. Mechanical crimping tool, for Cu-lugs and ferrules.

  • Crimping tool

    HT131-UC and HT131LN-C. Hand operated hydraulic tool, 130kN. Cu 25-300mm2.

  • Compression tool

    B500. Electric hydraulic tool for up to 300mm2.

  • Crimping tool

    B500ND. Electric, hydraulic compression tool.

  • Crimping tool

    B1350-UC. Battery operated, hydraulic crimping tool, 10-300 (400)mm2.

  • Crimping tool

    B1300-UC. Batteryhydraulic crimping tool, 25-300 (400)mm2.

  • Crimping tool

    B 1300L-C.  Cordless hydraulic crimping tool, 25-300 (400) mm2.

  • Contact pumps

    Portable electro-hydraulic pumps.

  • Sievert gas burner set

    Gas burner set with handle, 2 burners, hose, regulator and suitcase.