• Termination ITK

    Coldshrink, Nexans. 12/24 kV, for indoor use.

  • Termination OTK

    Coldshrink, Nexans, 12/24 kV for outdoor use.

  • Termination TTGI1

    Heatshrink, Nexans. For indoor single core medium-voltage cable 12, 24, 36 kV.

  • Termination TTGI1

    With mechanical cable-lug. For indoor use on single medium-voltage cable 12, 24 and 36 kV.

  • Termination TTGI3

    Heatshrink, Nexans. For indoor use, single core, medium-voltage PEX-cable 12, 24 and 36 kV.

  • Termination TTGE1

    Heatshrink, Nexans. For outdoor use, single core medium-voltage cable 12-36 kV.

  • Termination 24TTGE3

    Heatshrink, Nexans. For outdoor use 3-core, PEX-insulated cable.

  • Termination 17TTCI3

    Heatshrink, Nexans. For indoor use on 3-core paper-insulated 12kV medium voltage cable.

  • AIN 20-36

    Indoor termination for single and 3-core, 24-36 kV cable.

  • AFN 20-36

    For single and three-core, outdoor terminations, 24-36 kV.

  • Seal

    End termination for 3- and 4-core 1 kV plastic insulated cable.

  • Sealit

    Sealing kit for temporarily disconnected cable.