• MONOi off.

    Termination kit for single core EPR-insulated medium-voltage cable,
    type RFOU/BFOU, 12, 24 and 36kV.

  • ITK off.

    12/24 kV termination for 1-core offshore cable.

  • AIN 10/20/36

    Termination for 1 og 3/4-core 10-36 kV offshore cable.

  • CB off. 1-core

    Screened end termination for single-core offshore cable.

  • CB off. 3-core

    Screened end termination for 3-core, offshore cable.

  • CC off. 1-core

    Screened T-connector, 12 and 24kV, 1-core. CB  connection.

  • CC off. 3-core

    Screened T-connector for 12 and 24 kV 3-conductor cable. CB connection.

  • CE off.

    Shielded end termination for 1-core offshore cable.

  • EASG off.

    End termination of single-core offshore cable.

  • Seal off.

    Termination kit for 0,6-1 kV cables. Environmental protection against moisture, dust and pollution.