• Rail drilling machine

    LD-41P. Specifically designed for use in Railway applications.

  • Straightening device

    MSGW straightening device and dies.

  • Wire alignment device

    Profiled contact wire alignment device.

  • Connecting joints

    For contact wires FTGW.

  • Fastening machine

    Pandrol fastening machine.

  • Foundation cover


  • Rail drilling machine

    LD-16B-RP. Drilling range: Ø 7÷33 mm.

  • Rail drilling machine

    LD-4EF. Drilling range: Ø 7÷40 mm.

  • Storage

    Storage for rail drilling machines.

  • Templates

    Templates for different drilling heights.

  • Standard accessories

    Supplied with rail drilling machines.

  • Hydraulic tool

    B1300TEP. Portable battery tool.

  • Optional components

    Additional components for rail drilling machines.

  • Rail web permanent electrical contact

    The aim of the Cembre system is to provide a low resistance interface between the rail web and the terminal lug.

  • Cable support kit

    And rail foot cable clips.

  • Hydraulic tool

    HTEP, hydraulic tools for installing electrical contacts at the tracks.

  • Installation kit

    Plungers OG13.2T composed of 2 separate items:
    insert and stem.

  • Al-Flexcable

    Temporail system of connection and tooling.

  • Installation tool

    HT-TRC. For Temporail clamp.

  • Broach cutters

    Broach cutters CY for rail drilling machines.

  • Cable fasteners

    For wooden sleepers and wooden masts.

  • Safe cutter

    With battery operation and remote control.

  • Drilling machine

    SD9-P. Wooden sleeper drilling machine.

  • Support trolley

    Secure sleeper drilling machines.

  • Rail disk saw

    Automatic saw with accessories.

  • Professional scissors

    Lightweight, robust and safe.