• Thin wall, without adhesive

    Thin wall shrink tube made of self extinguishing polyolefin, without adhesive.

  • Spring rolls

    Spring rolls in stainless steel, for connection between the cable elements.

  • Thin wall, with adhesive

    Thin wall shrink tube of self extinguishing polyolefin, with adhesive.

  • CFHR

    Thick wall shrink tube of self extinguishing polyolefin, high shrink ability, with adhesive.

  • FCFW

    Thick wall heat shrink tube, self extinguishing, with adhesive.

  • Nexans GT2 FR

    Heatshrink tube, 0-Halogen, Flame retardant.

  • CBTM

    Halogen-free, heat shrink tube.

  • Nexans GT5

    Conductive heatshrink tube, without glue.

  • WRS – HF Wrap-around

    0-Halogen wrap-around sleeve with adhesive.

  • Mastic

    Grey, red, yellow, black, brown and green mastic.

  • RTSF Wrap-around

    Wrap-around sleeve with al. laminate.

  • End-caps and Break-outs

    End-caps and cable break-outs with adhesive.

  • LINK w/ mech. ferrules

    Muff joints of shrink plastic for 1 kV, plastic and paper insulated cable.

  • Sealit

    Sealing kit for temporarily disconnected cable.

  • Semi-con tape

    Rubber based, comes in several editions.