• Cable cleats

    Cable cleats for Rail Administration.

  • Emperor ER

    Trefoil cable cleats where the highest levels of short-circuit withstand are required.

  • Vulcan VRT

    Cable cleats for trefoil and single bounded cable where moderate levels of short-circuit withstand are required.

  • Alpha ALP

    Alpha, aluminium trefoil cable cleats.

  • Fixing Adapter

    Cleat adapter for Wibe cable ladders.

  • Elite

    Plastic cleats for attaching cables and pipes to wall and cabletrays.

  • 2F +

    Cableclamp produced in LSF plastic for single and 3-core cable.

  • Earthing strip cleats – SK

    Self-locking cleat for fixing of earthing strip on walls or ceiling.

  • Phoenix FP

    Flame retardant cable cleats.

  • Band-fast

    Cable cleats for rail administration.

  • Bandfast on roll

    Resistant to chemicals, salt spray and UV light.

  • Cable ties

    AISI 304, in Stainless Steel.

  • Cable fasteners

    For wooden sleepers and wooden masts.

  • Protection channel

    Proline protection channel for beam mast.

  • Proline cable cleats

    For earth conductor in beam mast.

  • Earthing rail, mast

    Tinned earthing rail, 12 connection points.

  • Protection channel

    For earth conductor in beam mast.

  • Iron and rail

    Mounting iron and monostrut rail.

  • Brackets V-iron

    Complete single bracket for V-iron.